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The last product we will review is Embrace, also known as a natural breast enhancer.  Founded on the legacy of getting rid of pains and dangers from surgical procedures, Embrace have other good things to say about itself.


This natural breast enhancement formula promises an increase in your breast size by two cup sizes.  It actually comes in two formulas namely the herbal capsule and topical cream.  You need not buy both products as one works independently from the other with the same safety and efficacy.  The promise is to give you desired results in as early as five weeks though other women have seen the effects in a mere 2-week time.

Product Details

The herbal capsule contains natural ingredients like dong quai, saw palmetto, black cohosh, damiana, lemon balm, dandelion, blessed thistle, oat flour, wild yam and mother worth.  The capsule is made from vegetable magnesium stearate and gelatin.  The Embrace herbal capsule should be taken twice daily during morning and at bedtime.

The topical breast enlargement  cream on the other hand contains the same ingredients like that of the herbal capsule except for the addition of purified water, mineral oil, stearic acid, vegetable wax, propelyne glycol, urea, glycerin, methylparaben and propylparaben.  It is recommended that the topical cream should be applied on hydrated or moisturized skin.  An eighth of a teaspoon is good enough to massage the entire area.

The product should be used twice a day for approximately 2 minutes of massage.  You should note however that it should not be used one hour before bathing as the effects could not work.  Better yet, apply it after you bathe in the morning and in the evening.

The Good

The Embrace product line promises the following results:

• Increased breast size of up to two full cup sizes.
• Initial results noticeable within the five to eight-week time frame.
• Full results could be achieved within six months of use.
• No major side effects or discomforts brought to the entire body.
• The choices between the two products makes it more interesting.

The Bad

The side effects may be seen when used by women who are pregnant, breastfeeding and anorexic.  When you have seen desired results, you may contemplate on stopping the use of the product but in some time, the effects may be lost.

The Bottom Line

Though the manufacturers of embrace vouches for its safety and efficacy, it is still not recommended for every woman’s consumption.  Plus, it also does not guarantee that it could work for everyone.  Some blessed individuals may see the result they want but some unfortunate ones won’t.  That is the reason why the site provides for a 100-day moneyback guarantee.

Take note that this product does not contain any hormones but it addresses the same when working on the bust area.  It helps stimulate the growth of larger breasts in connection with its natural ingredients.  It is also pleasing to have two product options because some women may favor creams over pills or vice versa. How to make your boobs grow bigger.

You can get further information on this product and order online at www.trachealth.com.

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hi my age 19 my breast is very small
i`m very feel which one i use? plz help meeee pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease

By sathiya on Feb 4th, 2010